Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunday Drive takes on Michigan Avenue - Detroit

This past Sunday afternoon I decided to take a drive and ended up driving from Ypsilanti to Detroit along Michigan Avenue.  I took some pictures along the way.
Wayne and Inkser - a fairly desolate landscape.
Entering Dearborn.  Road narrows. Not too shabby.
Road re-widens - the typical Detroit area 4-lane.
 These wide roads have always confused me.  Detroit was built on the automobile, I get that, but these roads still suck.  I don't think they are really even hospitable for driving on with the width, speed and intersection design, let alone anything else.
Ford Taurus driving by a Ford building.
Some vacant land and whatnot.
Skyline - and yes, that is a bike lane to the right.
Michigan Central Station - abandoned and iconic.
It is really interesting to drive from the suburbs into the city and see changes along the way.  This one was different coming from the west instead of previous trips coming in from the north.  Going through the industry in Wayne and Inkster is a lot different than rolling through Pontiac, Bloomfield Hills, and Royal Oak.

I think this was a good engagement of the region for me, and hopefully I can get out to see places in the future.  Maybe even stopping for more interaction.  In any case, I think I might try to continue making "Sunday Drive" posts just as incentive and to share what I see.

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